Saturday 21 September 2013

Hungarian Heritage Prize goes to Nándor Wagner

We have received a letter, which reads as follows:
"It is my pleasure to inform you that our Appraising Committee of Hungarian Heritage and Europe Society based on initiatives made by civilians has decided to grant


The Presentation Ceremony will be held at the Grand Assembly Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on Saturday 21st of September, 2013.

Dr. Hámori József

The moments of the Ceremony

 Ms. Chiyo Wagner, Mr. Mihály Pál sculptor and Ms. Réka Gabriella Kiss interpreter.
 Just a little chat with Mr. Sándor Kiss before the opening ceremony.
 The ceiling of the Grand Assembly Hall
 Appreciation speech by Mr. Mihály Pál sculptor who knew and visited
Nándor Wagner and his atelier in the 1950-ies
 Appreciation speech was supported by slide show. (watch it here, in Hungarian)
 The Hungarian Heritage Prize was presented by Dr. Annamária Zelényi Vice President
 Round of applause.
 Certificate of Merit reads:
"For his Statuary Integrating Cultures
Nándor Wagner sculptor
was honoured by
Hungarian Heritage Prize"
For sake of Memory
 Moments of happiness.
Ms. Chiyo Wagner and Professor József Hámori

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  1. Congratulations Dearest Aunty Chiyo x Maria Gabriella Molnar