Tuesday, 18 October 2011

10th Anniversary

18th of October 2011. 14:00-15:00 - Gellérthegy, Budapest

This day will bring the tenth anniversary of the unveiling the Garden of Philosophy in Budapest. We are looking to meet all interested ones for a friendly coming together on the Gellért Hill. If you have a story about Nándor Wagner or his art please tell us! We try to make the event livelier with 10 questions to be discussed on the spot. We would like to take photos and video for the sake of memory and for the 20th anniversary as well. See you there!

Garden of Philosophy

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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Autumn Exhibition in Mashiko

The Spring Exhibition was cancelled because of the damages caused by the March 11 earthquake. All damages have been repaired by now. The Autumn Exhibition in Wagner Nándor Art Gallery will show works of the Nándor Wagner sculptor and the works of landscape architect Mr. Kazuno who designed the placement of the Garden of Philosophy in Nakano ku, Tokyo.

Autumn Exhibition in Mashiko
15th of October - 15th of November

Thursday, 6 October 2011

At Corpus Hungaricum

The Hungarian National Mourning Day was remembered at Corpus Hungaricum for the 12th time. After the national anthem the historical flags were file in and program remembering of the 1849 events was performed by the pupils of the II. Rákóczi Ferenc elementary school. The wrenches were placed at live martial music. The wrench of the Academia Humana Foundation was placed by Chiyo Wagner founding president and Yasuko Ito wife of H.E. Mr. Ito Japanese Ambassador. The wrench of the Wagner Nándor Foundation was placed by Koji Akiyama and Norihiro Katada.

6th of October - Hungarian National Mourning Day

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nándor Wagner Program - the 10th Anniversary

A commemorative evening for the tenth anniversary of unveiling of the Garden of Philosophy on Gellért Hill was held at Petőfi Literature Museum.
Program: opening speech by H.E. Tetsuo Ito Ambassador of Japan; Tibor Wehner art historian talks about the recent results of Wagner researches; Sándor Kiss recalls the events at Garden of Philosophy. Videos about Nándor Wagner and the film of János Gulyás Corpus Hungaricum will be shown. Closing words was told by Wagner Chiyo. (We had 120+ participants)

Wagner Nándor est

 Garden of Philosophy the first 10 years (large ppt file)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Remembering at the József Attila Statue

The 3 member delegation from Japan visited Nándor Wagner's hometown Nagyvárad(Oradea), Romania today. A memorial event was held at his statue József Attila the poet. The event was attended by Vice Mayor Rozália Bíró and in her speech she emphesized the valuable contribution of the sculptor to the humankind. On the photo the Vice Mayor and Chiyo Wagner are posing after the wrenches of memory were placed. Lecture evening was organized about the life and works of Nándor Wagner and the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Wagner Nándor est Nagyváradon
Vice Mayor Rozália Bíró and Chiyo Wagner