Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer Camp of Landscape Painters

The 15th Summer Camp of Landscape Painters will be held in Felsőbánya (Baia Sprie), Romania between 5th and 12th of September. Our Foundation has been supporting their activities since 2006. May we quote few sentences from their home page as follow:

"It is not an every-day occurence in our region that a European-wide cultural movement such as the Nagybánya School of Painting has grasped the admiration of Europe. We, therefore, believe we must strive to do everything in our power to preserve this valuable tradition.

Our foreign donors are: the Illyés Foundation, the Homeland Foundation, the National Cultural Fund and the Academia Humana. Notable among these is the Academia Humana, a Japanese Foundation who have kindly pledged their support for the next ten years, and which, among other things, covered the cost of this website."

Felsőbánya megnyitó!
Closing the Summer Camp by Yield Exhibition