Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A lost competition art piece has turned up

We paid a visit to Ms. Zsuzsa Zilahy who posed for Nándor Wagner as a child. She told us stories about the atelier and life in the Royal Garden Pavilion (Várbazár), where more than a dozen sculptors were creating. She and her family were presented several pieces by Nándor among them was the competition piece for the relief at the entrance of Eger Castle in 1952. The plaster piece was broken, but it is valuable so we have restored and preserved it.

Competition piece for Castle Eger

Click for Photos of the original and the preserved piece

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First sketch of Breast Feeding Mother

A small ceramic work came to our hands in quite good condition. Nándor Wagner was commissioned in 1956 to create a statue for maternity hospital. He made several versions and one of them and this has turned up unexpectedly. The theme itself was one his favourite during his life, he composed schematically, figurative, realistic in standing, sitting and even in globular position. The latter became his landmark piece the Mother Earth (Boshizo furusato and Földanya) as he gave different names to them.

Mother with child