Friday, 29 March 2013

Tapló - Indelicate Art Events Diary 1996-2006

Our foundation has supported a book project of Tibor Wehner art historian. He is a writer, a real penman who has been writing his diary since long. Now he selected his diary entries from the period 1996-2006. This important 10 year period is covering the change of Hungarian fine arts; how is our art reflecting the rocky road to free market economy? Mr. Wehner selected a sarcastic title Tapló to his 720 pages book. Tapló is a modified word of Napló which is Diary. Tapló has several meanings: touchwood, tinder, German tinder. The author giving this title implies to his critical touch of contemporary Hungarian art and art related events, with his frank and straightforward remarks. It is a pity that Tapló is in only Hungarian, because it is a essential source and reference book both for public and researchers. The book will be presented to the press and public in the Petőfi Literature Museum, on the 30th of April.

The publisher of the book is Enciklopédia Kiadó.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Max von Sydow

A statuete of Max von Sydow a Swedish actor sculpted by Nándor Wagner in 1962 was sold recently. Nándor in an answer to a journalist question, why he chose von Sydow as a model he said: because he is the best example of the meditative type. Because he has bearing and seriuosness. And because I admire him as an artist. 

"Max" Carl Adolf von Sydow was born to a wealthy family in Lund, Skåne. He has starred in many films and was partner of Ingmar Bergman and many others.