Sunday, 16 October 2016

Supka Magdolna Prize 2016

The Day of Hungarian Paintings' prize giving ceremony's accompanying exhibition is
The Drawer
a collection of selected copper engravings of Csaba Rékassy (1937-1989). See more 

The 2016 Supka Magdolna Prize has been granted to Gábor Atlasz painter

Day of Hungarian Paintings autumn festival has been celebrated in every October since 2002 (October 18th is the day for Saint Luke the patron of artist). T-Art Foundation and Mr. József Csáki collector established the Supka Magdolna Prize in 2006 commemorating the famous Hungarian art critic and historian. Academia Humana Foundation joined as operator and supporter in 2015 after Mr. Csáki passed away. The prize medallion was designed by sculptor Márta Csikai. Prize giving ceremony has been held at Józsefvárosi Galéria since 2013.
The Supka Magdolna Prize

Magdolna Supka (1914-2005) has been one of the most recognized authority on contemporary graphics and paintings. Due to her books, lectures and writings unknown and underprivileged Hungarian painters were introduced to art life such as Vilmos Aba-Novák, Kálmán Csohány, Jenő Gadányi, György Kohán, Zoltán Perei, János Pirk, Csaba Rékassy, Vladimir Szabó, Lajos Szalay, László Tenk and Menyhért Tóth. Her book on Mihály Zichy is a classic.

List of Supka Magdolna Prize winners:
2016 Gábor Atlasz
2015 György Verebes
2014 Gabriella and Timor Shah
2013 Gabriella Sulyok
2012 István Márkus
2011 Flórián Kugler
2010 József Gaál
2009 János Gulyás
2008 Mihály Sípos
2007 Tibor Wehner
2006 Tibor Bráda

Supka Magdolna Prize operators: Eszter Bényi, Sándor Kiss, László Tenk, Erzsébet Szabó 

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Friday, 7 October 2016

National Day of Mourning was remembered at Corpus Hungaricum

It was 167 years ago when 13 Hungarian generals were executed in Arad by the order of Austrian general Julius Jacob von Haynau. They are known as Martyrs of Arad.  Prime Minister Count Lajos Batthyány was executed the same day in Pest. 6th of October has been a national day of mourning since long in Hungary.

Due to rain yesterday a silent remembering ceremony took place at Nándor Wagner's Corpus Hungaricum in Székesfehérvár. After the national anthem had played wrenches of city Székesfehérvár, the local military regiment, civil organizations, Academia Humana Foundation, a Polish group and civilians were placed at live martial music.
 Silent ceremony without words in rain
 Placing the wrench of Academia Humana Foundation

The program remembering and recalling of the 1849 sorrowful events was performed by the theater company and choir of the II. Rákóczi Ferenc elementary school inside at their gymnasium.

Full attention of school children 
 School theater company performed the program
For sake of memory: Sándor Kiss, Sándor Kálmán, László Szundy