Monday, 25 April 2016

11th Nándor Wagner Prize

Presentation of Nandor Wagner Prizes on 20th of April was one of the events of the University Days at Partium Christian University in Oradea (Nagyvarad), Romania.

The topic for the competition was to design a medal to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Sulyok István high school and 15th anniversary of the foundation Partium Christian University. All competing pieces were exhibited at the newly opened Gallery of Art Department.

  1. Mr. Arnold Lungu 
  2. Ms. Kincső Kónya, Mr. Lehel Tóth and Mr. Attila Bende 
  • Ms. Dorottya Bodnár 
  • Mr. Botond Csiby-Gindele 
  • Ms. Ramóna Kovács 
1st prize Mr. Arnold Lungu 

2nd prizes 
Mr. Attila Bende 
Ms. Kincső Kónya 
Mr. Lehel Tóth 

More Recognized Works
Ms. Ildikó Balázs 
Ms. Dorottya Bodnár
Mr. Botond Csiby-Gindele
Ms. Ramóna Kovács

The winners, acknowledged ones and their teacher Mr. Előd Izsák

This event was crowned by Mr. Vilmos Meleg actor who recited poems of Csokonai Vitéz MihályHorváth Imre and Babits Mihály. He just celebrated his 60th birthday and was decorated by the Hungarian Knowledge - Hungarian Mastery award. The medal and certificate of merit was presented by Mr. István Pintér president of the Foundation of the Partium Christian University.

Mr. Pintér, the Meleg couple and the reporter of Bihari Napló daily newspaper.

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