Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nándor Wagner Art Exhibition

It will be held at Székesfehérvár, from 22nd of September till 27th of October, this year.
We succeeded to agree with Szent István Museum, that the cca. 50 piece collection of Nándor Wagner's work will be exhibited with some more art and documents this autumn. The selection for exhibits has been going on just a little example have a look at the following terracotta piece.

Also we would like to show the activity of exhibition concept and arrangement of Nándor Wagner. He was the engine behind the standing Exhibition of Archaeological and Natural Science at the Museum of  Székesfehérvár. He completed his goal and the outstanding exhibition was on show for two decades, however he was dismissed from his position on the day of opening on 31st of December 1950. I was sacked he said sardonic and never arranged any similar exhibition.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Please donate 1% of your 2012 paid taxes

Report on utilization of received 1% tax
Tax year
Received 1%
used for
14 568 HUF
Copy of archived materilas
13 496 HUF
Repair of József Attila secco
5 811 HUF
Photo cost
16 621 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
18 196 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
23 379 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
18 584 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
35 649 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
83 674 HUF
Contribution to Nándor Wagner Prize
Thanks for your donations! 

Even if your 1% were a small amount please consider to donate to us!
Our Tax No.: 18239634-1-43
Under Hungarian Tax Law, taxpayers in Hungary may donate 1% of their 2012 paid taxes to civil organizations for charity or worthy cause of their free choice.
Academia Humana Foundation was established in 1999.
We take care of the cultural heritage of late sculptor Nándor Wagner who worked and created
in Hungary, Sweden and Japan respectively. We support the ongoing research of his life and art, arrange events and exhibitions, we publish our findings, support the art activity of young ones and local art circles, we help to learn more about Japan organizing national grammar school competition every 5 year,
and give financial support to book projects in conjunction with our goals.

Academia Humana Foundation is not involved in any political activity, her organization is independent of any political party, and does not support any political party or any of their activities.