Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring Exhibition in Mashiko

The Spring Exhibition will focus on two main topics remembering a soldier and Nandor's horse works respectively. First topic: Hiroo Onoda died aged 91 this January. He was the wartime Japanese officer who surrendered only in 1974, having hunkered down in the jungles of Guam island. His faithfulness, loyalty and steadfastness was recognized by our foundation and he was presented the "Freeing the Crane" sculpted by Nandor Wagner.

  The poster of  Spring Exhibition showing the statue Freeing the Crane
Second topic: the art pieces which will be exhibited are selected from Nandor Wagner's horse related works. This year is the Year of the Horse - Uma Toshi - in Japan following the Asian Zodiac. The garden of the Wagner Nandor Art Gallery has been refurbished last autumn.

  Horses in the renewed garden

Pentagon Exhibition room will show the illustrations made by Ikuyo Nakada for the book of Yukio Narushima titled Konohana Sakuyamhime, which has been published in Hungary by Phyteas Book Manufactory last November.

Ikuyo Nakada the illustrator at the book presentation in Hungary.