Saturday, 22 May 2010

5th Nándor Wagner Prize

This year the Nándor Wagner Prizes were presented to the winners at the competition of the Partium Christian University in Nagyvárad (Oradea) for 5th occasion. At this competition both art students of graphics and video animation were submitting works. Topic: commemorating the 350th anniversary of passing away of Lórátffy Zsuzsanna.
Winners: student of graphics 1. Tamás Szőcs, 2. Nóra Lázár, 3. Attila Csiszer. Students of Video-animation: 1. Eszter Ary, Zsófia Berényi and Dánil Barta, 2. Vilmos Varga, Gábor Oros, Mátyás Szabó, Ágnes Gordán, Szilárd Postal, 3. Zsolt Hegedűs. Special prize: Dénes Sántha.

V. Wagner Nándor Díj
Bishop László Tőkés and Sándor Kiss are congratulating the winners.

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