Friday, 11 March 2011

Earthquake in Mashiko

11th of March at 14:46 an earthquake intensity 6th (very strong) on the Japanese scale hit Mashiko

The Spring Exhibition, the first one organized by Wagner Nándor Foundation was cancelled due to the damages of the strong earthquake in Japan.
The almost five minute earthquake caused substantial damages to the city's ceramic industry and large volume of stock was broken in the shops. For the broken ceramic pieces the city allocated a dumping site.
In the buildings of the foundation there were some damages also. Among the art pieces one statue - Lao Tse - was fallen down, few terracotta were broken and the statue of Prince Shotoku turned with its massive pedestal together circa 15 degrees.

Hill of broken Mashiko ceramics
From: Facebook Tohoku daijishin Mashiko machi (one of 11 photos)

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